Dialled Number

The Dialled Number Node

Category - Caller Interactions

the Dialled Number node

The Dialled Number node allows the control logic to branch based on the number dialled by the caller. this number is compared against one or more prefixes (as configured), and the longest matched prefix is used.

Based on the matched prefix, the control logic will use the branch associated with that prefix. If the dialled number does not match on any of the configured prefixes, then the first branch is used.



To add a new prefix check to the node, use the Add Prefix link. A previously added prefix check may be removed by clicking the x that appears when hovering over the prefix row.

The node will exit the branch as configured for the matched prefix, and the exit number may be between 1 and the number of branches configured in the node.

To add more exits, use the Add Exit link. Exits added with this feature may be removed by clicking the x that appears when the mouse is moved onto the exit. Exit #1 may not be removed.

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