Day of Week

The Day of Week Node

Category - Branching on Data

The Day of Week node

The Day of Week node provides call control based on the days in the week.

Based on the rules configured and the actual date, the node will choose the configured exits or the default branch. Note that the date used for comparison depends on the timezone of the system operator’s systems.

To deal with the complexity of date branching logic, the node allows one or more rules to be configured within the node. These rules are handled in order from first to last, and their order can be freely changed using the arrows to the left of each rule.

If no rules match the current day of week, the default rule will be used to choose the exit. The default rule is shown as the last rule in the node, and cannot be removed.

The Day of Week node

Rules added can be removed by clicking the Trash Can button that is displayed in the top right of each rule. At least one rule that is not the default rule must be present, and both exits must be used, before the Day of Week node can be saved.


The Day of Week node allows for the following rule templates to be added to the node. Rules are tried in the order listed, so order is important when configuring the node.

The following rule templates are available:

Day of Week Rules Description
From [ ] to [ ]: Exit down [ ] This rule will compare the current day of the week to the day range given by the rule configuration. If the current day of the week falls within the given range, then the system will exit down the selected branch.