Account Code Entry

The Account Code Entry Node

Category - Caller Interactions

the Account Code Entry node

The Account Code Entry node prompts users for their account number details and routes the call based on their input.

The code collected is stored in an internal buffer for use at other points in the flow. Should the user enter the code successfully, the Success branch is followed. Otherwise, the node will re-prompt the user to enter their code until Max. Iterations is reached (see below).

Announcements must be selected for the Main announcement, as well as the Reprompt announcement.


If additional configuration options are required, select the arrow icon in the header to display them:

Additional Config

Max. Iterations refers to the total number of attempts the user is permitted before the Not Allowed branch is followed.


To configure the node:

  1. Select the Main announcement that is played to the user when the node is first encountered.
  2. Select the Reprompt announcement that is played to the user after an incorrect code is entered.
  3. If required, set a new value for Max Iterations.

Note that both announcements must be selected.