Variable Parts

The SRP supports the core INAP features for variable part playback as part of an announcement or prompt. Variable part playback allows for the inclusion of dynamic information in an SCC announcement, which allows for the playback of account or customer information, such as balance details.

To access the variable parts configuration page, select the Variable Parts menu link.

Variable part playback relies on the SRP having the necessary sound fragments for building the full sound of a variable part. For example, the number 999 in English normally requires four sound fragments:

  1. Nine
  2. Hundred
  3. And
  4. Ninety-nine

All sound fragments required for all possible variable parts must be loaded into the SRP. This list is managed using the variable parts screen for each of the languages the SRP supports:

In the example screenshot, the sound fragments shown are for English. For other languages a different set of variable parts will be required.

Unlike the standard announcement management GUI, the list of variable parts is not managed directly by the user. The SRP manages an internal list of the variable parts required, and only the files associated with each fragment can be uploaded by users.

Through the variable parts management page, it is possible to use the following actions:

Function Description
Snapshot As with standard announcements, each snapshot created stores the version of each file used for each variable part. By selecting a historical snapshot, users can review the files used in the past for variable parts.
Language Each language requires its own set of variable parts. The language to view may be selected.
Upload File The file upload works in the same manner as file uploads in both the `Announcements` and `Files` screens of the application. File upload in the variable parts screen supports uploading files only for variable parts. The variable part is selected during file upload.
Playback Files which have been uploaded and associated with a variable part may be played back to the user. Note that playback converts the uploaded file into a file that may be played by the browser. Due to this, playback does not represent the same audio stream as would be played by the SRP.
Download Files which have been uploaded and associated with a variable part may be downloaded.
Remove It is possible to remove a variable part file if required. This will delete the copy of the file stored by the SRP GUI, and the variable part audio fragment will no longer exist for the SRP to use during variable part playback. All encodings of the variable part are removed.