User Management

When the N2SRP GUI is not configured to use OAuth, the SRP GUI manages its own users. Users are maintained through the users lists in the administration screen and may be added and deleted by an administrator. User passwords are securely encrypted with a strong one-way encryption method.

No restriction on deleting users is applied to the system. User deletion may occur at any time. It is recommended that at least one administration user is kept in the system.

An administrator may update any user password (including their own) through the user edit dialog.

Each user requires the following details:

Field Description
Username The username the user will type in to the login dialog for the SRP. The username may include only the characters: a z, A-Z, 0-9, periods or spaces.
Access level Select the appropriate user access level from the dropdown. See the previous user access level description for more information.
Announcement ID group Only displayed for users who are not administrators. A single announcement ID group must be selected for restricted or read only users. Note that if no announcement ID groups exists, then restricted users cannot be created.
Password The password fields allow a user’s password to be set (or reset) by the administrator.

Users may also change their own password through the “Update Password” link, available to all users in the menu bar. This link will display the change password dialog:

User Access Levels

GUI users may be granted secure access at one of three separate levels:

Level Description
Administrator Administrators have access to all functions of the SRP GUI. Administrators are unrestricted.
Restricted User May view and edit announcement configuration, however access is restricted to an announcement ID range. Restricted users may not synchronize updates across all SRP platforms, nor configure variable parts or snapshots.
Read Only User May view, but not edit, announcement configuration. Read only access includes the ability to download and playback of announcement files. Access to announcement information is restricted by announcement ID range.