Announcement Files

Announcements played to subscribers consist of audio, stored in individual raw G.711 µ-law, A-law and wideband files, played together to form a complete message.

An announcement played to a subscriber may consist of one or more audio files, the order of which is governed by the SRP announcement configuration. The multiple audio file announcement feature is most commonly used for audio playback incorporating variable parts. Individual audio files are stored as distinct files in each format that the service nodes required for playback.

File Management

To manage the audio available to the SRP for announcement playback, the user must use the Files page:

This page provides users with a view of the audio files available to the SRP, rather than that of the announcement configuration.

Each audio file available to the SRP is listed, along with:

When a file is used in an announcement but is not available to the system, a warning is shown. This may occur if a file is deleted, but the announcement(s) using the file are not deleted. Normally this suggests a direct database change has been made.

The search bar above the list of files allows users to limit the visible files based on a few criteria. The choice of snapshot is required, and by default is set to show the working set. A user may change the snapshot displayed, to see the files changing over time, however only the working set allows for new files to be uploaded.

The full list of functions on this screen include:

Function Description
Choose snapshot Each snapshot created stores a copy of each file in the working set at the time of creation. By selecting a historical snapshot, users can review the files available in the past.
Choose language Each language requires its own set of audio files. The language to view may be selected.
Upload file The file upload button allows users to load an audio file into the SRP’s configuration. For more information on file uploads see the file upload page.
Play Files which have been uploaded and are not missing may be played to the user. Note that playback converts the uploaded file into a file that may be played by the browser. Due to this, playback does not represent the same audio stream as would be played by the SRP.
Download Existing files may be downloaded.
Remove Delete the copy of the file from disk.

When removing an audio file, the system will optionally allow all announcements using the file to be deleted at the same time. This allows the user to clean up a file and associated announcements:

Note that it is not possible to delete a file that is still used by announcements.