The N-Squared Service Daemon is a general purpose package providing the run-time message-passing service for various different N-Squared solutions, including the following N-Squared software products:

This Technical Guide describes the installation and configuration of the N-Squared N2SVCD Service Dameon.

N2SVCD Components

The N2SVCD consists of a message-passing layer, and an extensible Application framework, which is used by the individual N2SVCD Application Components.

The primary applications are "Controller Applications" which implement value-added services:

The ScriptApp component is included as a simple example of an application which implements a TCAP SCP service. The N-Squared production-grade SCP services for TollFree, and for Convergent Calling are available in separate packages (n2tf, n2cc).

Other Applications included in this base package are "Helper Applications" - i.e. client interfaces to external server interfaces for a particular protocol.

The configuration for each of these Application Components is described here (see the relevant item under the N2SVCD Config menu).

TesterApp JSON-RPC Interface

This Technical Guide also contains the detailed Specification for the JSON-RPC Test Execution Interface provided by the TesterApp. The JSON-RPC Test Management interface is how the IN Tester GUI initiates test execution requests and queries in-progress test executions. External agents may use this interface to perform their own test execution directly, bypassing the IN Tester GUI.