The N-Squared (N2) OCNCC Logic Node is a Control Plan Editor node that allows you to use Lua within a control plan to do… whatever you want!

Built with the official NCC SDK and the massively popular embedded scripting language Lua, the N2 Logic Node has been designed specifically for expert Control Plan users needing to create complex business-logic processing which ventures beyond the bounds of the out-of-the-box Oracle Network Charging and Control (NCC) macro nodes.

With this node integrated into your control plans, you have a fast, effective, and maintainable way to provide call control and specific, custom business logic for your NCC platform. All the normal features of Lua are supported - from normal operators and functions to I/O and globals - and a full API is provided to access and manipulate the NCC runtime environment. Additionally, since Lua is interpreted, you can maintain and alter your scripts and libraries and see immediate effects - no need for control plan recompilation or SLEE restarts.

Feature Packs

The N2 Logic node harnesses the power of Lua to provide a flexbile framework to base your control plan logic on:

Additionally, several different Logic Node feature packs are available, depending on your licensing and requirements.

Base Features Pack

The Base Features Pack includes everything you need to clean up your out-of-control plans with powerful, simple commands, such as:

Wallet Access Features Pack

Gain direct access to low-level NCC VWS operations for your subscriber’s wallet:

Solution Components

The N2 Logic Node consists of two main components:

Feature packs will provide associated Lua modules on each SLC.

From those base components, it is entirely up to you and your imagination. Include any Lua scripts or libraries you require, and alter them - and your runtime scripts - without recompilation or restarts.