The N-Squared OCS & voucher server is a cost-effective wallet, real time rating & charging platform. With the voucher server features activated, the OCS supports voucher creation and redemption functions suitable for small-scale and market-entry deployments where mainstream industry solutions may not be appropriate.

The OCS administration GUI is a modern web-based graphical interface to the OCS, supporting the management of wallets, rating/charging configuration, and voucher data. It will have been installed as part of your N-Squared OCS deployment and may be accessed via any modern web browser at a secure web address which will have been provided by your OCS deployment team.

The OCS will require secure login via your organisation’s identity management system. Once you have been authorised, the OCS dashboard will be displayed:

OCS Dashboard

The menu shown on the left hand of all OCS screens gives access to each of the sections in the OCS. The dashboard itself provides a quick overview/summary of data stored in the OCS & voucher server.


The N-Squared OCS provides core services for the creation and management of walletse (sometimes still referred as accounts by the OCS documentation) which are declared to store buckets which hold the wallet’s value (of bytes, cash, time, and other units)

For more information on wallets, see the included wallet documentation.

Rating & Charging

The N-Squared OCS supports real time rating of both sessions and events, integrates with Diameter charging realms, and additionally provides a flexible HTTP (REST)-based API for non-Diameter deployments.

The OCS rating service supports many rating scenarios out-of-the-box, including simple 1:1 rating (e.g. byte for byte usage), and complex rating scenarios such as linked wallet rating, geographic rating (such as is used in general telephony rating) and discount-based rating.

For more information see the rating & charging documentation.


The N-Squared OCS ships with a lightweight, efficient and extensible voucher server for the storage and management (including secure redemption) of vouchers. Vouchers may be redeemed against local OCS wallets, or during redemption 3rd party systems can be activated.

For more information see the voucher documentation.