The N-Squared N2C5 product is a pure web-based application which extends the standard user interface for the Oracle NCC platform.

N2C5 provides an alternative, enhanced user interface to support some of the most commonly used NCC service management features.

Note that N2C5 does not replace the NCC management screens, as it supports only a subset of the total NCC features. However, by de-cluttering the feature set, using simplified web-based technologies, and concentrating on a “role-based design approach”, the N2C5 screens offer a more efficient workflow for system users.

Using N2C5 can speed up the most commonly-performed management and customer care tasks. This reduces caller hold times, reduces operational costs, increases task accuracy rates, and saves on training. By providing more features to the front line staff, N2C5 again increases customer satisfaction while further reducing operational costs.

Features currently supported by N2C5 include aspects of the following functional areas:

Solution Components

In order to provide these features, N2C5 integrates with many of the server-side features of the Oracle NCC system.


Note that N2C5 does not maintain a private database. Instead, N2C5 uses the NCC database for all functions. This approach simplifies the system and reduces maintenance effort. It also ensures maximum integration between N2C5 and the base SMS management screen functions.